How to choose the right pillow? The best pillows for a good night sleep.

Does it really make a difference which pillow you rest your head on at night? 

The answer has a habit of revealing itself pretty promptly the following morning. As you stumble out of your bedroom with neck pain, bags under your eyes and a feeling of total exhaustion, you'll be able to draw your own conclusions. 

If you're after a refreshing night's sleep, then it isn't just the quality of your mattress, your bedding and your sleeping environment that you need to consider. The pillow you choose will play a deciding role in ensuring you get a good night's kip. So, the question is: how do you tell the difference between a good pillow and your average head cushion? Furthermore: which is the perfect pillow for you? Read on to find out the answers.

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Dream the sweetest dreams

Essentially, choosing a pillow all comes down to your individual requirements. You obviously understand these better than anybody else. At the same, you need to make sure that your sleeping pillow is helping you to maintain a healthy posture. This means that your pillow shouldn't be too flat or too plump – and, obviously, you want it to keep its shape, regardless of how you sleep. Whether you hug your pillow at night or merely lay your head on it, a good head cushion should promote quality shuteye, ensuring that you wake up full of energy and ready for a new day.

The choice between down and synthetic 

Opinions often vary when it comes to this issue. Those with allergies tend to automatically reach for synthetic cushions, while natural down filling is still synonymous with true bedroom luxury. The good news is that it's now possible to find down pillows that are suitable for allergy sufferers. 

Down pillows make you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud, helping you to dream the sweetest dreams. Gorgeously soft, temperature-regulating and extremely cosy – these pillows welcome moments of unparalleled relaxation. By contrast, synthetic pillows can only attempt to imitate the feel of genuine down. The same could be said for foam pillows, which are a slightly firmer alternative. It’s primarily the price that drives people towards these products.

As is often the case, when buying a pillow, cheap products can be a false economy. Poor quality synthetic pillows in particular tend to clump up fairly quickly and become extremely uncomfortable. That's why it's worth investing in a pillow made of fluffy down – one that will help your body to get that rest and rejuvenation it so desperately needs. You deserve to feel like you're sleeping on a cloud, and this is a wonderful way to invest in your own body!

Tossing and turning all night

Sleep researchers estimate that we change position between 30 and 80 times per night. These movements are essential to help relieve the tension that builds up in our spinal cords and vertebral discs throughout the day, helping our bodies to regenerate. Our shoulders, hips, elbows and knee joints also need to relax at night. This is only possible if we shift positions, because if we lie still for too long, pressure starts to build up in certain parts of our bodies, interrupting our blood flow and reducing the level of oxygenation. Our bodies will sound the alarm, indicating that it's time to move. 

So, whether you mainly sleep on your front, like to cuddle up on your side or you rest on your back - you need the right pillow. A medium to firm pillow is usually the best option. These will support your body in any position. Research shows that they work best for about 90% of people.

The perfect pillow

The Royfort Prestige Down Pillow is available in two varieties: medium and firm. This allows you to select your perfect option for a dreamy night's sleep. Equipped with a three-chamber structure, these pillows won't just impress you with their shape, but also their incredible softness – they offer unparalleled comfort.

Two external chambers filled with goose down, accompanied by a secure internal chamber filled with a mixture of duck down and feathers ensure the perfect level of support and many restful nights in your future. What's more, the particularly fine weave of the pillow prevents dust mites and bacteria from penetrating the surface, meaning that this head pillow also works wonderfully for people who have allergies. This has been trialled and approved by an external source, as demonstrated by our NOMITE certification.

Instead of sweating through synthetic materials, the natural down used in our Royfort luxury pillows is breathable. Healthy, cosy and designed to optimise your night's sleep, there's not much more you could want from a pillow. 

Aren't they a bit expensive?

We all know that quality comes at a price. Taking this into consideration, high-quality down pillows are fairly affordable. While the need to properly source and process down has a significant influence over the final price of the product, if you care for your down pillows well, you'll get years of enjoyment from them. Since the quality won't deteriorate over time – in regards to filling, shape or comfort – this higher purchase price will ultimately pay off. 

And our down pillows also have the upper hand when it comes to sustainability. Everything is ethically sourced and acquired exclusively through strictly controlled supply chains. Using environmentally-friendly production methods, our unique Royfort down pillows are manufactured in Denmark, where great attention is paid to hygiene and processing standards as regards to the goose down and feathers. Our Downpass certification is re-awarded on a regular basis by an external source.

Care tips for lasting luxury

If you want to get as much enjoyment out of your down pillows as possible, we would recommend professional dry cleaning. Along with thorough cleaning, it's a good idea to regularly shake out and ventilate your pillows. This will ensure that they retain their original volume, and you'll get the very most out of them for as long as possible!

One thing's for certain: once you've tried a Royfort down pillow, you'll never want to lay your head on anything else.

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