What is the best material for bed sheets?

Every night you spend an average of eight hours in bed, and your comfort is essential to a restful night’s sleep. Choosing the right bedding material for yourself is an important decision. 


When thinking about bed linen, cotton often comes to mind as a classic bedding material. Our cotton sheets are made with 100% organic long-staple cotton and have a sateen weave, thus they feel soft and silky. 

Cotton is an excellent year-round choice as it is comfortable independent of seasonal temperature changes, thus guaranteeing quality sleep. Cotton is a breathable material and so in summer it helps to maintain coolness and prevent sweating. It feels warm and cosy, which makes it a great choice for chilly winter temperatures.

Additionally, cotton is hypoallergenic and thus minimizes the number of sleep disturbances due to allergy aggravations. 


Cashmere has long been synonymous with status and luxury. Our cashmere bedding features a blend of organic cotton and cashmere, which allows you to experience the benefits of both materials. The ultimate combination of practicality and indulgent luxury. 

The cashmere provides an unparalleled softness, akin to sleeping on a cloud, and the incorporated long-staple cotton makes the bedding breathable and easy to care for. Cashmere sheets are perfect for fall and winter, due to the unparalleled warmth they provide. 

Once you feel the warmth and softness of our cashmere bedding, these linens will be your year after year companion for the chilly seasons.


Linen bedding is a great natural product derived from the flax plant. Linen is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, initially used in Ancient Egypt. It is often associated with summer months as the material is incredibly breathable and regulates heat, making it incredibly adaptable. Thus, linen bedding combines natural properties with unparalleled comfort. 

Linen is naturally soft with a luxuriously crisp, and smooth texture. Royfort linen bedding is made with organic linen, which ensures only soft and high-quality fibres are used. This lightweight fabric is dirt-repellent and durable; it is easy to maintain and feels softer over time.

Aesthetically, linen bedding has a casual, and relaxed look. The exceptional comfort, breathability and aesthetic of linen bedding makes it an excellent choice. 

The bed linen comparison- 

Royfort bed linen stand for quality and incomparable moments of restful slumber. Cotton is an excellent year-round choice and our bestseller. Cotton bedding is incredibly practical and comfortable, as it is breathable and easy to clean whilst being a soft, luxurious and organic fabric. 

Linen, on the other hand, is an instant win due to its casual aesthetic, smooth to the touch, heat regulation, and hypoallergenic qualities. Our cashmere bedding is the ultimate luxury, it is delectably soft and cosy with the advantages of a cotton sheet. By reaching for our cashmere bedding you are deciding for incredible warmth and easy-care luxury! 

Whether it's cashmere, cotton or linen - we offer you only the very best! Treat yourself to the quality sleep that you deserve and experience the luxury that is Royfort bedding