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Soft, casual and breathable. 100% organic GOTS certified linen, made in Portugal.
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Organic linen bedding for every season

Organic linen bedding brings a piece of nature into your bedroom. The natural material has the perfect properties to achieve pleasant and restful sleep. Linen bedding cools on hot summer nights, and warms on chilly winter evenings, thus it is perfect for all seasons. Make yourself comfortable in your bed after a long day, feel the soft fabric on your skin, breathe in, breathe out and sleep well every night!

Luxurious Royfort bed linen made from 100% organic linen

There are many materials that are well suited for bed linen, in addition to cashmere and satin, we also focus on linen. It is breathable, soft and the perfect bed linen for the whole year. Linen bed linen offers you an upscale sleeping comfort and creates an excellent sleeping climate. It is also practical, easy to care for and cosy. Linen has all the qualities you need for a restful night's sleep. But what exactly is linen fabric?

What actually is linen?

Linen is a fibre obtained from the stems of the flax plant. For many centuries, this plant has been used to make clothing and also bedding because it is easy to spin, lint-free and dirt-repellent, yet very cosy.

Fabrics made of linen are highly breathable, the material is able to absorb moisture from the air and release it back into the environment. This gives the material a cooling effect and makes it excellent as summer bed linen, it is also warming and tear-resistant. It is incredibly durable and even if your new Royfort bed linen becomes your favourite bed linen and is used constantly, you will enjoy it for a long time.

Certified organic linen from sustainable cultivation in certified quality

A holistic approach is what counts for us, that's why we not only value the result, but also pay attention to aspects such as sustainability and environmentally friendly production processes in the manufacturing of our linen bedding. For the production of our organic linen bedding, we use a high-quality organic linen fibre that is produced in a sustainable cultivation. The fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified and therefore guaranteed free of harmful substances. This is important to us with all our products, because after all, the linen bedding is in constant contact with your skin during the night. In addition, our linen fabrics are GOTS certified. You get a big piece of sustainability, environmental protection and social justice with every fibre.

These are the unique characteristics of our Santorini linen bedding

We have made it our mission to revolutionise the sleeping experience for our customers. We utilize premium fabrics, controlled manufacturing processes and elegant designs to deliver the perfect result. What makes Royfort bed linen so special? Below you will find an overview of the most important features.

  • Handmade: The linen bedsheets are produced in close cooperation with a manufacturing company in Portugal. There they are made by traditional craftsmanship under fair conditions that are monitored by an independent body.
  • Best materials: The materials form the basis of our premium bed linen, that's why we make no compromises when it comes to the choice of materials. The linen grown in Europe has 100% organic quality and is GOTS certified. You sleep with the best conscience in your new bed linen. 
  • 100% fitting: Bed linen is only visually beautiful and comfortable if it fits 100% on the pillows and blankets. We therefore always make bed linen from linen slightly larger so that it has an optimal fit after washing.
  • Machine washable: You can simply machine wash your linen duvet covers at 40°C. If you are in a hurry, you can put them in the dryer. However, you shouldn't do this too often as it puts a lot of stress on the fibres. We recommend classic air drying for an incomparable experience.

Our linen bedding combines a crispness and softness feeling with extra properties for a comfortable night's sleep. Just like cotton, linen also becomes softer over time. The casual and elegant design fits into any ambience. If you are looking for high-quality, easy-care bed linen for every season, then our Santorini Linen collection is exactly the right choice for you. 

Our collection: Buy linen bed linen individually or as a set

We offer our customers a handpicked selection of organic linen bedding in our shop, which you can buy either individually or as a set.

  • Linen fitted sheets in different sizes
    The fitted sheets are made of 100% linen and are available in different sizes. You can purchase the linen bedding from a size Single as well as in many other sizes like Double, King or oversized like Super King and Emperor. The fitted sheets have a firm elastic band and hold securely on the mattress. They fit all mattresses up to 35 cm high. Additionally, you can order a matching mattress protector. 
  • Pillowcases made of linen with a perfect fit
    Our Santorini linen collection also includes pillowcases made of 100% organic linen to match the bed sheets. Even after repeated washing, the covers still have the perfect fit, as we already take shrinkage into account during production. This means that we generally make the linen bedding a little larger so that it fits perfectly on your pillows after the first wash. We offer our linen pillowcases in all standard sizes from Standard to Super King.
  • Linen duvet cover from our Santorini collection.
    In addition to sheets and pillows, you can also get suitable duvet covers. These are available in all standard sizes and oversized in the usual organic quality: Single, Double, King as well as in oversized sizes, Super King and Emperor.

You can buy our linen bed linen as a set or individually. Additionally, you can choose all the sizes for your pillowcases, fitted sheet and duvet covers individually. 

The simple design creates a feel-good atmosphere in your bedroom

Bed linen is often designed with elaborate patterns and available in bright colours. We have deliberately chosen simple designs for our linen bedding that create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Our linen bedding in plain white is the epitome of cleanliness and crispness. What's more, white bed linen fits in with any interior style and is always timelessly beautiful.

If you want to bring a little more colour into your rooms, you can also buy our linen bed linen in a variety of other calming colours. You can also choose from grey (soft grey or deep grey) as well as bed linen in a subtle taupe. The designs of our bed linen sets are always stylish and timeless, so that you will enjoy them for many years to come.

Linen bed linen is suitable for all seasons

Do you also have separate bed linen in your wardrobe for different seasons? You can save yourself the trouble with our linen bed linen, because it creates the perfect sleeping climate in every season. In summer, the nights can be warm and humid. Linen allows excellent air circulation and has a moisture-regulating effect. The heat does not accumulate under the bedding, but allows it to circulate. Additionally, linen bedding dries very quickly. These properties create a cooling effect that can work wonders for sleep quality throughout summer. In winter, on the other hand, everyone wants a cosy bed. When it is incredibly chilly outside, your bed should be cosy and warm. Good linen bed linen can help to achieve this. On winter nights, it ensures the optimal balance between temperature and humidity in the room. The breathable, and natural properties create a balanced moisture content in the air that inhibit the growth of bacteria. Good linen bedding is the guarantor for an optimal relationship between bed hygiene and room climate.

Purchase linen bedding online in our shop now.

Discover our collection now and order our Santorini linen bed linen individually or as a set. We deliver all items plastic-free in high-quality packaging, which is also suitable as a gift. To ensure that you don't take any risks with your order, you can try out our bed linen for a whole 90 days. If you do not feel the special Royfort feeling, we will take our products back again without any questions. Lastly, we guarantee fast delivery, so you can experience optimal sleep conditions within the next 1-2 days.