Linen vs. Cotton bed sheets. Which is right for you?

Having the right sheets (and material) has a significant impact on our nightly comfort, which ultimately determines the quality of our sleep and our well-being in the long term. When looking for the right material for one's own bedding, the desired feel and product quality are the most important factors to consider.

Cotton and linen bedding are among the favourite materials for a restful night of sleep. This article will explore the differences between the two, so that you can make an informed decision when picking your next set of bedding. 

Linen - natural quality with casual style 

Linen bedding is a long-standing favourite around the world for a multitude of reasons. Linen was initially used in ancient Egypt, and today more and more people are consciously turning to linen bedding.

This lightweight fabric is particularly breathable, dirt-repellent and highly durable. Even after repeated washing and daily use, it is still lint-free, beautiful and pleasant on the skin. 

Linen is also incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly due to its durability and factors of the flax plant (linen is made of flax) as a naturally grown plant, which requires no fertilisers or chemicals to grow. 

Our Royfort linen bedding is manufactured according to the highest quality standards directly in Europe. Linen has a luxurious crisp texture and is delightfully soft, which increases over time. 

Regardless of the season and climate, linen is a great choice for your bedding. Linen (which is antibacterial and hypoallergenic) feels pleasantly warm, whilst allowing you to stay cool through moisture absorption. 

Cotton- a popular classic 

Cotton is one of the oldest cultivated plants, and today it is impossible to imagine our society without this versatile material. Cotton is quite breathable, supple and smooth, thus making it an incredible material for bed linens. 

Cotton is an excellent year-round material guaranteeing constant comfort. Cotton is incredibly breathable, thus especially in warm temperatures, it helps to maintain coolness and prevent sweating. Cotton also feels cozy and warm in winter temperatures and, like linen bedding, is hypoallergenic. The delicate and soft feeling that cotton has ensures pleasant sleep every night.

Regardless of whether you choose linen or cotton, Royfort bedding will pamper you night after night with an excellent sleeping experience. The bedding made of 100% organic cotton guarantees outstanding comfort and quality. 

Our products are produced in a Portugese family owned factory and in possession of the international GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) seal, strict verification of compliance with social and environmental criteria. Thus, you can rest well knowing the environment, and humankind was treated well in the production process.