What bed sheets are best for winter?

When it comes to finding the best bed sheets for winter, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Different fabrics have different levels of warmth and breathability, so it’s important to do some research before committing to a set.

Before you start, there are several key considerations to consider when researching.

1) Thread Count:
Thread count refers to the number of threads per square centimetre of fabric, and this varies depending on the material. When shopping for winter bed linen, a 300 thread count is advised because it is incredibly soft without being heavy. While higher thread counts are associated with luxury, they can be heavy and during the night then these may not be suitable as they could make you too hot.

2) Material:
The selection of fabric is deeply personal, as each person's preference varies significantly from the next. With that in mind, particular materials make for perfect winter fabrics due to their properties and attributes. Cashmere and cotton are two of the best fabrics for keeping you warm during winter. Cashmere is incredibly soft, lightweight, and very warm. Cotton, meanwhile, is more breathable and fluffy than cashmere – so it won’t trap in body heat as much – but it still offers a good level of warmth.

3) Quality:

It’s important to remember that quality matters when selecting your bed sheets, regardless of material or thread count. Look out for bed linen made from long-staple fibres and spun for extra strength and breathability, as this will add to the durability of your bed linen. Additionally, make sure to look for sheets that are OEKO-TEX certified, so you can be sure that your bed linen is free from harmful chemicals and dyes. You'll find that our Royfort bed linen is made from long-staple fibres, and OEKO-TEX certified.

4) Colours:
The hues of your bedding can be instrumental to the ambiance and peace of mind in your bedroom. Vibrant colours and intricate patterns may be too chaotic for some, but luckily we have a selection of neutral shades- such as white, deep grey, light gray, or taupe -to help achieve both an aesthetically pleasing look while creating a soothing atmosphere. During wintertime, when you are likely spending more time at home tucked away under covers; let our bed linen provide you with not only warmth but also tranquility!

In conclusion, the best winter bed sheet will depend upon several factors including thread count, material, quality, and colours. Cashmere and cotton are two of the best materials for keeping warm in the winter months due to their properties and attributes. However, it’s important to remember that quality matters too – always look out for long-staple fibres spun for extra strength and breathability as well as OEKO-TEX certification when shopping around. With this advice in mind, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect set.

When you're looking for the ultimate in comfort and warmth, cotton or cashmere are your best choices. Cotton is the classic option that can keep heat close to you without becoming too stuffy, while cashmere offers an ultra-soft sensation of luxury at a higher price point - but it'll make sure you stay warm all night long! Royfort stocks incredible cotton and cashmere options - so check out our selection below for more information.

With Royfort Somerton cotton bed linen, transform your bedroom into an exquisite winter sanctuary! Crafted from long staple organic cotton and a durable satin weave, our luxurious fabric is sure to provide a comfortable night's rest in the cooler months. Not only does this specialized weaving create an ultra-soft silky texture that is both cosy and breathable - it also carries GOTS & OETO-TEX certifications which guarantees that nothing harmful has been used during production. With these high standards of sustainability implemented as well, you can enjoy sound sleep with ease. Overall, the lightweight experience envelops you in warmth without trapping heat - so you can look forward to cosy comfort all night long!
Bundle yourself in the utmost comfort and warmth as winter draws near with our Cashmere bed linen. The Royfort Belgravia Cashmere Bed Linen is crafted from a 93% organic cotton and 7% cashmere wool blend fabric to provide you with cosiness without over-heating. By combining long-staple cotton fibers for breathability along with high quality cashmere fibres for insulation and warmth, this luxurious bed linen will be sure to keep you comfy while being highly durable at the same time!Its breathable composition enables an overall pleasant sleep experience for anyone who dares to try it out while its plush texture is unmatched in terms of elegance!


When it comes to finding the best bed linen for winter, both cotton and cashmere are excellent choices depending on your needs. Cotton is a classic cozy option that is breathable while cashmere adds an extra level of luxurious comfort and warmth. Whichever you choose, make sure to measure your mattress accurately so you can experience all the benefits of a good night’s sleep this season!

As you select the perfect bedding to keep warm through winter, it is essential that whatever you decide fits your mattress correctly. An ill-fitting sheet can easily make a chilly night even more intolerable and uncomfortable. We take extra steps to ensure all of our customers enjoy a snug fit by shipping out blankets slightly above the size ordered – this way they'll stay true after their first wash! With this approach, we guarantee that your bed linen will fit perfectly in no time at all.

With so many factors to consider, finding the perfect winter bed sheets can be a challenge. However, taking the time to do your research will help you pick something that is both comfortable and long-lasting. Good luck on your hunt for the perfect winter sheets!

When it comes to luxurious options, cotton and cashmere sheets are great options for winter.