What bedding is best for eczema or sensitive skin?

What bedding is best for eczema or sensitive skin? 
The key to helping manage eczema and sensitive skin is to reduce contact with irritants and allergens that can aggravate the skin. When it comes to bedding, this means looking for fabrics that are soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic.

Cotton is often a good choice because it is naturally soft and lightweight. Look for sheets labeled 100% cotton or organic cotton as these are usually free from harsh chemicals and dyes which can be irritating on sensitive skin. Linen is another popular choice as its fibres allow air to circulate through the material more easily than other fabrics like polyester or nylon.

As mentioned, bedding that's free of harsh chemicals and dyes is ideal for those that struggle with sensitive skin or eczema. If you have eczema or sensitive skin, be sure to look for bedding that is OETS-Tex certified. This means the product has undergone rigorous testing and has been verified as free of any irritants such as chemicals, dust mites, and other toxins. With this certification in mind, rest assured that your chosen bedding will provide a safe sleeping environment!

To help protect against any eczema outbreaks, make sure to switch out your sheets every two weeks. Additionally, you should choose bedding that is machine washable at high temperatures and use scent-free detergent instead of fabric softeners as these are more suitable for sensitive skin types. Doing this regularly, will keep bacteria build-up away and ensure a better night's rest!

Mattress covers also help immensely in controlling the spread of dust mites and other allergens. Royfort has the perfect product for you - moisture-proof covers that let air circulate through. Not only do these covers protect against bed bugs and other pests; they'll do so while keeping your mattress dry from any liquid spills. Crafted from 100% Tencel fabric, this mattress cover provides the perfect amount of comfort for those with sensitive or eczema-prone skin.

Royfort's bed sheets are made of the most luxurious and softest cotton and linen, all certified by OEKO-TEX. Investing in quality bedding does more than just make you feel like royalty when hitting the sack - it can also keep irritating allergens away from your body to ensure a tranquil slumber!

Crafted from pure organic cotton, Royfort Somerton Cotton Bed Sheets offer superior comfort and softness with its indulgent 300-thread count. With exquisite silkiness, you’ll experience the ultimate luxury sleeping pleasure. Crafted with a luxurious sateen weave, these bed sheets provide an incredibly smooth and comforting feel that is perfect for eczema sufferers. Moreover, our cotton bed sheets can be thrown in the washing machine at 60°C - eliminating any bacteria buildup.
Wrap yourself in the luxurious comfort of Royfort Santorini linen bed sheets! Our offerings are crafted from the finest European flax, providing you with an exquisite sleep experience that only gets better and softer over time. The 100% organic linen sheets are highly breathable, ensuring that you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. Our linen sheets can be safely washed at 40°C, preserving their cleanliness and eliminating any potential allergens.


Royfort prides itself on creating an all-encompassing bedding experience that caters to those with sensitive skin or eczema. With its breathable materials and OEKO-TEX-certified products, you’re sure to get a safe night's rest without the worry of any irritants! Furthermore, our products are GOTS certified, thus they are certifiably organic and ensure the production and social standards are met. Explore our range today.

If you select the ideal bedding, it can significantly help reduce flare-ups of eczema and other skin sensitivities. Carefully selecting fabric materials is an essential step in creating a conducive sleep environment for those with delicate skins or suffer from eczema. Taking these precautionary steps will yield long-term benefits that cannot be overstated!