What do linen bed sheets feel like?

What do linen sheets feel like?

Indulge yourself in the lavish comfort of linen sheets, whose luxurious softness caresses your skin with a soothing hug. What's more, these linens get softer after every time they're washed - an ever-evolving embrace to make you feel closer than ever to home!


The benefits of linen bed sheets are numerous:
1) They offer superior breathability, which helps keep you cool in the summer months and warm during cooler temperatures.

2) Linen's natural moisture-wicking capabilities make it ideal for a restful night's sleep, as it wicks away sweat and keeps you pleasantly dry throughout the night.

3) It also has anti-bacterial properties that help to protect against dust mites, mould, and other allergens, providing an additional layer of comfort.

4) Additionally, linen is more durable than cotton and can last longer with proper care — making it a lasting investment in comfort. With their airy texture yet strong construction, linen sheets are the perfect combination of luxury and long-lasting durability.

You'll soon discover the amazing attributes of Royfort linen sheets, but why wait? With our incredible 90-day free sleep trial there's no risk in trying them out. If you're not satisfied with these luxurious sheets simply return them, and it won't cost you a pence!


So, if you're looking for a restful night's sleep and a luxurious feel, linen sheets are the way to go. Plus, they'll look beautiful in any bedroom. Whether you're looking for a classic white set or one with colour, linen sheets are the perfect way to add luxury and style to your home. So go ahead and indulge yourself (and your bed!) with some luxurious linen sheets — you deserve it!

It's important to remember that caring for linen is different than other fabrics like cotton. Linen should be washed separately from other items, using a gentle detergent. You can also use an enzyme-free detergent and cold water wash cycle to ensure the fabric doesn't shrink or become misshapen. Additionally, avoid using fabric softener as it can reduce the breathability of the fabric. For best results, linen should be hung to dry or tumble-dried on a low setting. By taking the time to properly care for your linen sheets, you can ensure that they last for years to come.


The Royfort Santorini linen bed sheets are like no other, providing a heavenly softness that only becomes more luxurious with each wash. Our exceptional European flax is second to none in terms of quality and the entire sheet set is composed of 100% organic fabric - making it an ideal choice for you to enjoy your most comfortable night's rest yet! Our linen bed sheets come in a selection of neutral hues, from white and taupe to soft grey, so you can flawlessly coordinate with your interior design. Create an aesthetically pleasing and tranquil atmosphere with ease!

We are proud to partner with a Portuguese family-owned factory, where every piece of our bed linen is delicately crafted by hand. Our bed sheets are GOTS and OEKO-Tex certified meaning that they are completely free from any toxic chemical residues, ensuring a safe and healthy sleep environment for you and your family. Furthermore, the GOTS certification ensures each step of the manufacturing process meets social and environmental standards.

There’s no denying the superior comfort of linen sheets! Soft, breathable and boasting antibacterial properties along with remarkable moisture control abilities, these bedsheets add a relaxed yet natural look to your bedroom. With all that knowledge in hand — plus the promise of luxurious comfort awaiting you — why not treat yourself to some quality linen sheets? Go ahead - it's an investment you won't regret!