What type of bed sheets do hotels use?

Have you ever questioned why a night of sleep in an extravagant hotel is so much more refreshing than one spent in your bed? The answer lies largely within the sumptuous mattress and bed sheets that hotels use. To guarantee a luxurious slumber and optimal comfort, there are several essential elements to consider:

When searching for the ideal bed sheets, one of your initial considerations should be its material. It's no surprise that hotels prefer to use cotton fabric as it is strong, durable, and has a luxurious feel. Plus, with each wash, it only gets softer - making it perfect for those who wish for an extra comfy bed!

When buying bed sheets, thread count is one of the things to consider as it dictates how soft and breathable your sheets will be. Thread counts can span anything from 1,000+ thread count sheets, yet most luxury hotels source bed sheets in the 200-400 thread count range.


Despite the common misconception that higher threads equate to better quality bedding - it is important to remember that a higher number simply indicates more vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Higher thread count refers to the softness, not the quality of the bed sheets. Opting for a high thread count may not be the ideal choice as sheets with too many threads can make them feel bulky, lack breathability, and consequently, make for an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

The weave of the fabric is paramount when it comes to achieving high quality. To add another layer of comfort and luxury, most hotels use sateen weaves when making their bed sheets. This type of weave creates a glossy look and feels even softer than plain cotton sheets. It also has exceptional breathability and sheen that can upgrade any hotel room’s decor. Furthermore, the bed sheets are typically made with single-ply or long-staple cotton fibres, which makes them highly durable and able to withstand many years of washing.

When it comes to hotel bed sheets, comfort is key - this is why hotels are usually very particular with the items they choose for their guests. With luxurious materials such as cotton and sateen weaves, 200-400 thread count, and single-ply or long staple cotton fibers - one can guarantee an optimal sleeping experience in any extravagant hotel!

By ensuring your bedding meets all these criteria, you too can guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep in your own home. So don't hesitate to upgrade your sleep today! Select the best quality mattress and treat yourself to some hotel-worthy bed sheets for a restful slumber.


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If you want to further enhance your sleep experience, upscale hotels use incredibly high-quality mattresses. The key difference is that hotel mattresses are made with the utmost comfort and support in mind. High-end hotels often utilize memory foam, pocket spring mattresses, or a hybrid of the two for a high level of support with the softness of memory foam.

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