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Our fitted sheets are crafted from the best materials in the world. We use the same materials as the best luxury hotels in the world: 100% organic and GOTS certified sustainable materials for perfect sleep comfort. Are you ready for an upgrade?
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Somerton Cotton Fitted Sheet

From £89.00

Belgravia Cashmere Fitted Sheet

From £139.00

Somerton Cotton Flat Sheet

From £79.00

Santorini Linen Flat Sheet

From £119.00 £89.00

Santorini Linen Fitted Sheet

From £129.00 £99.00

Belgravia Cashmere Flat Sheet

From £109.00

High-quality fitted sheets made of linen, cotton and cashmere crafted with organic materials

Our mattress makes you feel like you're sleeping on clouds, and that's important because your healthy sleep gives you new energy and offers the body time to regenerate. Fitted sheets are the perfect base for a restful sleep. 

We offer high-quality fitted sheets in various sizes that are simply pulled onto the mattress and offer unique sleep comfort from the minute you put them on. Discover our selection of cotton, linen and cashmere fitted sheets in harmonious colours and the best organic quality. At Royfort, you buy sheets exclusively in premium quality.

The advantages of comfortable fitted sheets

What makes a fitted sheet for you? Everyone has different preferences when it comes to sleeping - side, stomach or back sleepers. But they all have one thing in common, the fitted sheet is a cosy base for sleeping. Royfort fitted sheets offer an incredible feeling every night. We have many reasons for this:

Cosy fabric: A fitted sheet in the right size will fit your mattress perfectly after the first wash. The material is incredibly soft and provides you with a cosy base while you sleep.
Well fastened: A fitted sheet is equipped with a practical elastic band, making it very easy to pull over.
Thermo-regulating: Our fitted sheets support a good sleeping climate. They are breathable due to the high-quality and organic materials used.

High quality fitted sheets in three materials

There are considerable differences in quality and material when choosing fitted sheets. Are you looking for a cooling fitted sheet in summer or a soft underlay for cosy nights? Above all, one thing is important when buying fitted sheets, good quality. We offer you this quality promise for each of our products, which are crafted from 100% organic materials.

It is important to choose the correct size of high-quality fitted sheets, so that it hugs the mattress perfectly. Your fitted sheet should be the same size as your mattress. Royfort fitted sheets are suitable for mattresses up to 35 cm high. Thanks to the elastic band, any excess fabric simply disappears under the mattress. 

Royfort Fitted Sheets

  • 100 % organic quality

  • Free of harmful substances

  • Easy and care-free maintenance

Fitted sheet made of premium quality cotton

Cotton is a classic material for the production of bed linen. We use organic cotton for our fitted sheets, which we process in a special weaving process. Our fitted sheets are made of organic cotton and have a thread density of 300. They are not spun from multiple twisted yarns, but from single yarns, which makes the material butter-soft. Our high-quality fitted sheets made of cotton have another special property, our sheets become softer with each wash. You can buy Royfort fitted sheets in different sizes, from single to oversized options. In addition to the classic organic fitted sheets in white, we also offer bed sheets in calming colours. Shades such as soft grey, taupe or deep grey radiate tranquillity and create a feel-good atmosphere in your bedroom.

High-quality fitted sheets made of cotton: advantages at a glance

  • Breathable sheets

  • Temperature-balancing

  • 100% organic cotton

  • Perfect fit

  • Softer with every wash

Premium linen fitted sheets for every season

Linen, a natural material, is also one of the preferred fabrics for the production of high-quality bed linen. The raw material is obtained from the stems of the flax plant and is very easy to spin. Linen textiles are generally highly breathable, moisture-regulating and tear-resistant. In summer, a linen bed sheet provides you with a cooling sleep surface. If the nights are hot and humid, then high-quality linen fitted sheets can create the perfect sleeping conditions. through moisture absorption and circulation. At the same time, linen dries very quickly, which creates a cooling effect. In winter, linen has a pleasantly warm effect.

Experience the feeling of soft yet robust linen bedding. Discover the elegant range of colours in which we can offer you high-quality fitted sheets made from linen. The material is suitable for machine washing and can even be put in the dryer. However, you can achieve the perfect result by air drying.

High-quality fitted sheets made of linen: advantages at a glance:

  • Made from 100% organic linen

  • Breathable & moisture regulating

  • Antibacterial & pollutant free

  • All standard sizes

  • Weight: 160grs/m2

Premium fitted sheet in fine cashmere for luxurious nights

Cashmere has always been the epitome of luxury. The natural material has a special lightness and softness. We manufacture high-quality fitted sheets made of cashmere from individual cashmere threads that we spin together with cotton threads, which means that our sheets benefit from the properties of both textiles. The fitted sheet offers you a wonderful feel and looks particularly classy due to its matte look. In addition, the material composition is particularly breathable and can regulate your temperature during sleep.

High-quality fitted sheets made of cashmere are particularly breathable, easy to care for and suitable for everyday use. You can buy the products with a protective mattress protector and wash them practically in the machine at 60 °C. It is also possible to put the fitted sheets made of cashmere in the dryer, but we recommend air drying. This will make your fitted sheets feel even softer and fresher in the end.

High-quality fitted sheets made of cashmere, the advantages at a glance:

  • Exclusive composition of cashmere & cotton

  • Various sizes & designs

  • Suitable for machine washing

  • Breathable fabric composition

  • Cuddly and soft feeling on the skin

Best fitted sheet crafted from certified organic materials with responsible production

When you buy high-quality fitted sheets from Royfort, you can sleep on them with a clear conscience. Our fabrics are GOTS certified; this is a globally recognised standard for the production of organic textiles, which certifies the product and the production chain. When selecting our raw materials, we make sure that they are processed organically. You will feel a piece of natural high-quality luxury in your bedroom every night. In the manufacturing process, the natural properties of the fibres such as breathability and moisture wicking are preserved.

High-quality fitted sheets from Royfort are handmade in a small family business in Portugal. Thus, we further contribute to the quality and sustainability by supporting local producers and ensuring that every product is the best quality. You can feel the soothing softness in every fibre.

High quality fitted sheets: The perfect gift for many occasions

Are you looking for a special gift for someone close to your heart? Give them the gift of a pleasant and restful night's sleep. High-quality fitted sheets are a special gift idea, especially when moving into a new house. Available in timelessly beautiful colours, they match with any interior. The sheets in white, for example, fit into country house style interiors, modern rooms and industrial ones. We deliver high-quality fitted sheets from Royfort in plastic-free packaging. The exclusive box is the perfect gift packaging.

Whether for yourself or as a special gift for your favourite person, high-quality fitted sheets from our collection are always a good investment for sustainability, longevity and, above all, a restful night's sleep.

Purchase high-quality fitted sheets from Royfort online now

Our Royfort bed linen collection offers you everything you need for sleeping. Browse through our products, especially our high-quality fitted sheets made of cotton, linen or cashmere. The sheets are offered in various sizes to fit both single and oversized beds. We make all our fitted sheets a little larger, and after the first wash, you will achieve the optimal size for your mattress. We are 100% convinced of the quality of our products, and thus we give you a voluntary 90-day return policy. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Royfort feeling when you experience our bed linen, simply return the goods to us free of charge.