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Microfibre PrimaLoft® Pillow


Luxury pillow with premium comfort for your sleep

Your pillow is an important factor in your quality of sleep and level of freshness in the morning. We have developed high-quality pillows with balanced support that can adapt to all positions and sleep needs for comfortable and restful sleep. Our luxury pillows are an important addition to the Royfort collection of high quality bedding and duvets. Our luxury pillows are firm yet fluffy. 

You can buy Royfort pillows with either down filling or an ecological alternative. We guarantee you fabulous sleep comfort with optimum support with each of our pillow options, ensuring a comfortable head and neck position.

Luxury pillows for a restful night's sleep in any sleeping position

Regardless of whether you lie on your back, side or stomach, you will experience cloud-like sleep on your luxury pillow.

This starts with the cover, which we make from a high-quality fabric to match our bed linen collection. It is made of 50% soft and supple cotton and 50% Tencel. The Tencel fibre consists of cellulose and is particularly robust, breathable and temperature regulating. Therefore, the pillowcase made of cotton Tencel fibres is suitable for any season. We offer our luxury pillows in different sizes, including Standard, Large Square and Super King sizes. Once you have slept on one of our luxury pillows, you will never want anything else.

High-quality down pillows: perfect support & first-class craftsmanship

Matching the down duvets from our collection, we also offer luxury pillows with a down filling. You can sleep on this soft pillow with a clear conscience, because we only use down and feathers from animals from species-appropriate farming. We take responsibility for our products throughout the entire manufacturing process. The downpass certification for our luxury pillows guarantees that the manufacturing process has been closely monitored and controlled. This is how we guarantee the highest quality and a unique sleep experience, both on warm and cold nights.

Royfort luxury pillows are perfect for every season.

Luxurious down pillows offer you a high level of sleep comfort year-round. Thanks to their temperature-balancing and moisture-regulating properties, they are the perfect basis for a pleasant night's sleep in summer and winter. The goose down in the outer chambers of the luxury pillow creates a wonderfully soft feeling. The down is the size of a one euro coin and has long, fine hairs. This structure creates many small, air-filled chambers in which warmth is stored. At the same time, the down can absorb moisture from the environment and release it back into the environment. Due to its special structure and natural properties, down creates the dream sleeping climate every night.

Best down pillow thanks to 3-chamber structure with goose down and duck feathers

The secret of the perfect composition of soft feathers and support lies in the three-chamber structure of our luxury pillows. On the inside, there is one chamber filled with firm duck feathers that give the pillow the necessary support. The two outer chambers are largely filled with soft goose down, which nestles softly against the head and neck. Thanks to the chambers, the feathers cannot shift in the pillow and always stay in place. Just fluff it once and the pillow is ready for the night. Choose from two variants:

  • Medium 
    Your head can sink into this pillow slightly without it losing support. Depending on the size, the luxury pillow is filled with 330 to 1100 grams of down and feathers.
  • Soft
    If you like to sink deeply into your pillow, the soft pillow is the right choice for you. The pillow is perfect for stomach sleepers, as it allows the neck to be in an optimal position for your body.
  • Firm
    If you are looking for a pillow for side sleepers, then we recommend this variant. These down pillows have 150 grams more filling than the other products and are therefore ideal for slightly heavier people.

Order down pillows Made in Europe with OEKO-TEX certification

The down pillows from our luxury pillow collection are made in Europe and are manufactured according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. This standard guarantees that only textiles free of harmful substances are processed and that you can rely on the highest product safety. All components of an article are checked - from the outer fabric to the sewing thread. 

Microfibre pillow with PrimaLoft® filling as an ecological alternative

For those who would like to do without down pillows for personal reasons, we offer a luxury  synthetic pillow as an alternative. Our microfibre pillows are 100% vegan and also have optimal support like our down pillows. Royfort microfibre pillows have a PrimaLoft® filling, which is made from recycled PET bottles. The synthetic material is in no way inferior to real down when it comes to the soft and supportive factors.

Soft luxury cushions with an environmental bonus from sustainable production

The PrimaLoft® filling is obtained through an innovative manufacturing process. Plastic bottles are collected and then broken down into small flakes. Further, complex processes ensure that a soft filling of down-like flakes is created on which you can sleep well and comfortably.

Luxury pillows with synthetic filling are perfect for the hotel industry and your own bed

Due to the frequent change of beds in the hotel industry, pillows need to be washed more often than in private use. Our sustainable luxury pillows with synthetic filling are perfect for hotels as they can be washed frequently without any problems or damage. At the same time, the use of sustainable bedding is also beneficial due to the guests increasing interest in these options.

Our luxury pillows are also suitable for people with allergies

Whether you choose down pillows or the ecological alternative, both of Royfort’s luxury pillow options are suitable for people with allergies. People who are allergic to house dust frequently miss out on the luxurious comfort of down-filled bedding because they are allergic to mites that can settle in the feathers. However, the very smooth and fine structure of goose down prevents this and does not possess suitable living conditions for mites. Down pillows are hardly contaminated with mites or other parasites.

The cover of the Royfort luxury pillows is made in a very fine weave that mites cannot penetrate. For this reason, both our luxury pillows with down filling and our pillows with synthetic filling are excellent for allergy sufferers. Strict hygiene controls are regularly carried out in the laboratory and our luxury pillows only come to you when they have passed these controls with distinction.

Buy luxury pillows from Royfort online now

Treat yourself or your guests to a restful and luxurious sleep on a Royfort luxury pillows. You will receive your order in a high-quality Royfort cotton bag, which is also perfect as gift packaging. If you are looking for a gift for a special occasion, you can buy our down pillows online here. We guarantee fast delivery and give you the opportunity to sleep on one of our pillows for 90 days as a trial. 

We want to do everything we can to help you sleep well. With our bed linen, we offer you a cloud-like sleep experience.