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Luxury duvets for hotels and your own home with down and high-quality synthetic filling

A cosy duvet must be light, perfectly warm, regulate moisture and feel silky soft against the skin. All these qualities are combined in our luxury duvets from the Royfort range, and we offer you high-quality options. 

You can buy down duvets; if you are looking for an ecological alternative, we recommend our luxury duvets with a high-quality synthetic filling, which is very similar to the natural properties of down. When you buy a Royfort duvet, you receive a sustainable product with uncompromising quality that you will enjoy for a long time. You will feel the difference on the first night.

Do you want luxury hotel quality sleep at home? Our hotel-quality duvets add a soothing dose of luxury to your sleep. With a Royfort duvet, you’ll feel like you’re enveloped in a cloud.

What makes Royfort luxury duvets stand out?

You can buy a luxury duvet from Royfort in different sizes and fillings. Regardless of the respective product characteristics, however, every luxury duvet from our range meets uniform quality guidelines. Checkered quilting, all luxury duvets from our shop are quilted, the seams are sewed to create the check pattern. The quilting ensures that the filling cannot slip up or down, but provides even warmth and ensures optimal heat distribution.

  • Handcrafted manufacturing 
    Your luxury duvets are handmade in Europe. We are transparent with our entire supply chain and ensure compliance with all social and environmental standards.

  • High filling power
    With our duvets, we pay attention to a high filling quantity. This creates a truly unbeatable sleeping experience.

For the cover of our luxury duvets we use the best cotton satin and Tencel from sustainable forestry. You will feel the high quality of this fabric with every touch.

Down duvets for the best sleeping comfort in every season

A down duvet creates the optimal sleep environment and makes you feel as though you’re enveloped in a cloud. For our luxury duvets we use 100% goose down, which is a natural product with properties that are important for high-quality duvets. Goose down is the size of a Euro coin and looks like a little snowflake. They consist of the finest hairs, which ensure perfect heat storage and moisture regulation. Just as down protects birds from cold and moisture in nature, it also creates a dreamy sleep climate as a filling in a luxury duvet.

Most people associate a high-quality down duvets with cold winter nights, when the cosy down duvet provides warmth. But a down duvet is also perfect in summer, because they help to distribute heat and enable a pleasant sleepe climate. Winter, summer and all-year-round down duvets offer different degrees of warmth.

For chilled nights, we offer you luxurious winter down duvets with a very high degree of warmth and a filling weight of up to 1320 grams. The filling quantity is perfectly adapted to winter nights, but at the same time has a temperature-balancing effect. Thanks to the insulating down feathers, it gets wonderfully warm under the blanket without moisture or heat build-up. This duvet is ideal if your bedroom is not heated in winter or if you sleep with the window open.

The filling weight of our summer duvets, on the other hand, is somewhat lower. The luxury duvets for the warm season are pleasantly light, and also optimally regulate moisture and ensure even heat distribution. If you are looking for an alternative for the whole year, we recommend our all-season down duvet with an average filling weight between 530 and 1030 grams depending on the size. You can use the luxury duvets all year round and always enjoy an optimal sleep experience.

Luxury duvets in luxury hotel quality

Are you currently looking for top quality duvets for your hotel that offer your guests incredible sleep? As a hotelier, you know how important a comfortable bed is for your guests. Those who sleep well and relax properly will be happy to come back and recommend the room to others. We offer down and synthetic filling duvets for your luxury hotel, our luxury duvets meet the high expectations and standards that you have. 

  • Longevity 
    Hotel quality duvets should not wear out quickly, even with frequent washing. We only use the best materials for our luxury duvets. They are perfect for hotel businesses with frequent bed changes.
  • Cosy factor 
    Your guests should feel at home. Our luxury duvets are incredibly soft on the inside and also covered with a silky soft shell on the outside.
  • Sustainability 
    Nowadays, guests are looking at sustainability criteria when booking a room in a hotel. Our luxury duvets have been manufactured with a strictly controlled and transparent process. The filling for our luxury hotel down duvet is ethically sourced. For our microfibre PrimaLoft® duvets, plastic bottles are elaborately processed into down-like flakes.

Whether you choose luxury duvets with down or a synthetic filling - every duvet offers you maximum comfort without compromise. The best place to buy high-quality and luxurious bedding is Royfort. You are also welcome to contact us directly if you have any questions - we will help you with your selection.

Eiderdown duvet for luxurious nights on cloud nine

An eiderdown duvet is the embodiment of a true luxury duvet that takes sleep comfort to the new level. The down is even larger, finer and more densely branched than goose down, for example. In the case of high-quality eiderdown, these bunches can be up to one metre long. Thousands of small air spaces form within this structure, in which heat is stored. The result is excellent insulation, luxury duvets with eiderdown are premium quality. The Eider duck uses its own down to line the nest for its young. As the animals are protected, the down is collected by hand after the offspring have left the nest and is therefore also ethically sourced. Due to the rarity of the down, only about 3000 blankets are made each year. We make these luxury blankets individually for you in your desired size. For the production we use 100% natural brown eider down from Iceland.

Our down comes from ethically correct production!

You can buy our high-quality duvets knowing that the down has been ethically sourced. The down is a by-product and comes from a European farm. The down for our duvets are guaranteed to not have been obtained through live plucking. Our down duvets are provided with the Downpass certification. This ensures that only down and feathers from animals raised in a species-appropriate manner are used in the manufacture of our products.

Our luxury duvets are also suitable for people with allergies

Everyone should be able to enjoy luxurious duvets,  regardless of whether they suffer from allergies. As an allergy sufferer, you are looking for a duvet that offers comfort and does not burden your health. 

With Royfort, you don't have to choose between either of these aspects. The cover of our luxury blankets is made in a very fine weave, through which no mites can penetrate. The filling itself also consists of very fine, smooth hairs that do not provide an ideal habitat for the parasites. In addition, our luxury blankets all have climate-regulating properties. 

A damp climate, where mites like to stay, is avoided from the outset. 

The organic alternative: luxury duvets made from a high-quality microfibre

We are also happy to offer you an ecological alternative to our down duvets. Our Microfibre PrimaLoft® luxury duvets are lined on the inside with a synthetic fabric that is incredibly similar to a down duvet in terms of softness. A big environmental plus, the filling material is made from recycled PET bottles and therefore is incredibly sustainable.

For the production of this, plastic bottles are collected and broken down into small flakes. The exclusive Primaloft® filling for our luxury duvets is created with a complex process. Stitched checks ensure that the filling is evenly distributed, and the perfect temperature and moisture regulation is achieved. 

Buy luxury duvets from Royfort now

When buying a luxury duvet, you will enjoy the optimal sleep comfort for many years to come. We offer high-quality hotel duvets that make your guests feel at home. Choose between our down duvets and our ecological alternative with a high-quality synthetic filling. All blankets are incredibly soft, come from sustainable production and guarantee even heat distribution thanks to checked quilting. Feel like you’re enveloped in a cloud with Royfort luxury duvets.