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A beautiful pillowcase is pure luxury - perfect for your sleep oasis

Do you also enjoy falling into your freshly made bed in the evening? The feeling when your head gets all heavy, sinks into the soft pillow and your cheek is caressed by your soft pillowcase. Falling asleep comfortably is a wonderful luxury and with our bed linen, we want to contribute to you falling asleep comfortably and waking up the next morning as refreshed as possible. For a good night's sleep, both the pillowcase and the pillow have an effect on the quality of your sleep. At Royfort, you can order pillowcases made of high-quality materials that not only look good, but also feel fabulous.

Make yourself comfortable in the bedroom - pillowcases and bed linen are essential

When it comes to restful sleep, many people only think of the mattress. But duvets and pillows as well as the pillowcases and other bed linen are also crucial. While you sleep, you move, breathe, dream, perhaps sweat and in order to be comfortable, a pillowcase should be made of soft materials that are breathable and temperature regulating. At Royfort you can order various pillowcases in a variety of materials including cashmere, linen and cotton. Each material feels slightly different, but they are all wonderfully soft.

Cashmere - this pillowcase is pure luxury

Our cashmere pillowcases offer you first-class sleep comfort that is incomparable. You probably know cashmere as a material for jumpers and scarves, cashmere fabric is simply insanely soft and cuddly. Our cashmere pillowcase has the same beneficial qualities as your favourite clothing items. Our cashmere bed linen is made from a mix of organic cotton and cashmere, which makes the pillowcases unmistakably comfortable. A cashmere pillowcase has a beautiful look. In addition, the beautiful pillowcases offer additional properties that make your sleep even more pleasant, they are breathable, temperature regulating, easy to clean and comfortable. 

High quality cotton pillowcases: smooth, elegant and stylish

Our cotton bed linen is made of cotton with a satin weave and impresses with their smooth, and silky feel. Thanks to a special weaving process, the cotton bed linen is deliciously soft and provides you with a temperature regulated sleep environment. We use 100% organic cotton for the production to offer you a high quality product with numerous benefits. You can use a cotton pillowcase all year round. The satin cools the skin in summer, and cotton warms in winter. The fabric is breathable and thus enables an optimal sleeping climate in any weather. Therefore, the beautiful pillowcases can be used year-round.

Beautiful cushion covers for your sleep oasis

The bed is an important and personal place of rest and relaxation, a place where you decompress from everyday life, read your favourite book and sleep in. The bed linen and the pillowcases are important for a completely cosy and comfortable feeling. In addition to the comfort they offer you, their appearance also plays a role. At Royfort, we have opted for neutral colours for the pillowcases. 

The calm colours can be harmoniously combined with your interior and do not bring any chaos into your bedroom. We offer natural tones like taupe, white, soft grey and dark grey, which create a calming atmosphere. For the pillowcases, choose the colours that best suit your home. To complement the bed linen, you can either mix or match. At Royfort, you can get your new pillowcase in Standard, Large Square and Super King. 

Pillowcase made of linen - perfect for summer and winter

Linen is a completely natural material and it has properties that support your healthy sleep in a natural way. A pillowcase made of linen is particularly breathable. The fabric allows very good air circulation and thus ensures a comfortable environment while sleeping. In addition, bed linen made of linen has moisture-regulating properties. Therefore, if you get a bit sweaty while daydreaming or on warm summer nights, you will feel cool and comfortable. 

Another important property of linen is that it adapts to the seasons. In summer, a linen pillowcase cools due to its moisture regulating property. Thus, even in very hot weather, your head will always feel comfortable on the pillowcase. And what about the cold season? The soft material keeps you warm in the winter due to its temperature regulating property. The pillowcase can be used when the seasons change, in both warm and cold weather. 

Royfort - we stand for quality and sustainably

At Royfort, we place the highest value on the quality of the materials used in the pillowcases as well as the blankets and pillows. We use organic cotton and pay attention to a sustainable manufacturing process. For the production of the pillowcases, we work with a family business in Portugal. We pay European wages and promote fair working conditions and also maintain quality standards that others often simply can't match. For example, all of our pillowcases are GOTS-certified, and many products are also allergy-friendly, offering incomparable sleep comfort even for people with dust allergies.

If you own a hotel and need pillowcases for your rooms, we are happy to offer you bed linen for your hotel concept and assist with your needs. With our wide range of products, we provide your rooms with high-quality bed linen, from bathrobes to pillowcases, and ensure that your customers sleep more soundly than at home.

Sustainability is a top priority for us

We want you to be able to sink into your bed with the feeling of complete satisfaction. We care a lot about nature ourselves, and thus we pay a lot of attention to sustainability in the materials, and production of our products. The organic cotton is not treated with harmful substances at any point in the sourcing and production process. 

We also take sustainability into account when designing and shaping our bed linen. Instead of following fast-moving trends, we focus on timeless designs that will still be in fashion in several years and always look good. Treat yourself to a well-deserved luxury with Royfort pillowcases and bed linen.

A single pillowcase or a bedding set? Make yourself comfortable with Royfort!

As mentioned before, healthy sleep is essential for general well-being. While some people are ready for the next day after five hours of sleep, others prefer to spend more than eight hours. Regardless of whether you are a night owl or not, the right bed linen is essential for a good night's sleep. If you don't just want individual pillowcases, but a set consisting of pillowcase, duvet cover and fitted sheet, you also have a choice here between a cashmere, cotton or linen bedding set. The pillowcases are individually a fabulous addition to the sets and ensure that you can create a harmonious design for your bedroom.