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Oversized bed linen in luxurious designs and materials

A soft and cosy duvet can never be too big. Many couples love to snuggle together under a large blanket at night. Even in a family bed, it can quickly become cramped when everyone lies together under the same blanket. It can be a real challenge to find oversized bed linen, the selection is small and oftentimes people buy whatever is offered. At Royfort, we offer a premium product and you do not have to make any compromises when it comes to sleep quality. You can buy oversized bed linen from us in the highest quality in beautiful colours to match the furnishings of your bedroom.

At what point does bed linen become oversized?

Do have a large bed, wish for a blanket for two or simply want the duvet to finally reach beyond the tips of your toes? To ensure that your sleeping experience under our XXL duvet is perfect, the matching oversized bed linen should not be missing. Whether for private use or in the hotel industry, at Royfort you can buy bed linen that is larger than the standard sizes and yet does not compromise on design and quality of the materials.

Buy Oversized Duvet Covers

Do you like to sleep under a large and cosy duvet that doesn't let in any draughts from outside? Then you no longer need to search for the right oversized bed linen. You can buy duvet covers made of various materials in the following special sizes from us:

  • 200 × 200 cm

  • 225 × 200 cm

  • 260 × 220 cm

  • 290 × 235 cm

Our oversized cotton bed linen arrives slightly larger than the size purchased because we take into account the natural shrinkage of the fabric after the first wash. After you have washed the oversized bed linen once, it will fit the duvet perfectly. If you need oversized bed linen for both your duvet and sheet, then we recommend you buy our bed linen bundles. You can compose your set individually from the duvet cover, the pillowcase and the fitted sheet and also add a mattress protector if you wish. As usual, the bed linen in special sizes meets the Royfort quality standards and promises a pleasant sleeping experience.

Buy Oversize Bed Sheets and Fitted Sheets for Beds

Have you ever tried to pull a fitted sheet that is too small onto a bed? This can become a real challenge in everyday life. If the sheet is too tight, it easily slips off the bed, wrinkles and ultimately the quality of sleep is noticeably reduced. For large double and cosy family beds, we offer special sheets in custom sizes:

  • King

  • Super King

  • Emperor

Especially for the hotel industry, but also for private use, we recommend buying mattress protectors to match the oversized bed linen. These slipcovers increase the longevity and hygiene of the mattress and protect it from moisture, dust and mites. 

Buy large bed linen in attractive designs

When you buy high-quality oversized bed linen, you don't have to compromise on design at Royfort. We offer plus size bed linen in a range of subtle colour options that will radiate calmness in your bedroom. You won't find any oversized bed linen with bright colours or elaborate patterns. In order for you to really relax in the evening after a long day, the surroundings should invite you to do just that. We offer our oversized bed linen in plain, and monochrome colours. The white bed linen is a classic because it is the epitome of cleanliness. We also make the bed linen in other neutral colours such as soft grey, deep grey, and taupe. So, you will find the oversized bed linen that harmoniously matches your interior design.

These are the quality criteria you can rely on with Royfort oversize bed linen

Luxurious bed linen always offers a pleasant feeling on the skin and creates an optimal sleeping climate. Additionally, it is also important that bed linen is easy to care for in both private and commercial use. We use a high thread density for the production of our bed linen, which indicates how many threads run horizontally and vertically on one square centimetre of the fabric. Our luxury oversized cotton bed linen has a thread density of 300. We also use untwisted yarns, which make the bed linen even softer. 

Organic cotton XXL bed linen

We offer oversized bed linen in a variety of luxurious fabrics. Discover our selection of luxury bed linen and treat yourself to a restful night's sleep. Our organic cotton bed linen was the first product in our range. For thousands of years, people have appreciated the natural properties of cotton fabric with its moisture-regulating and breathable quality. For the production of our oversized bed linen made of organic cotton, we use a very high-quality single yarn that is very soft, light and smooth. As a result, the bed linen feels very soft on the skin, lint-free and easy to care for. The high quality of this bed linen is especially evident after repeated washing, as it becomes softer and softer with each wash.

Oversized cashmere bed linen for luxurious sleeping comfort

Do you want a very special material on your skin? Wonderfully soft with a luxurious and matte look to boot? Cashmere has always been one of the most precious materials and is the epitome of 5-star luxury in the bedroom. The fabric is extremely soft and supple. For the production of the bed linen, we combine cashmere threads with individual threads of cotton. In this way, the bed linen benefits from the advantages of both fabrics. It is silky soft, yet breathable, moisture-regulating and suitable for everyday use.

Linen bed linen in special sizes - perfectly tempered in every season

Linen is a fabric that reveals its advantages year round. In summer, linen has a pleasantly cooling effect on the skin and in winter, linen bed linen keeps you wonderfully warm. We use high-quality organic linen from sustainable production for our oversized linen bed linen. Due to the natural creased look of the material, you also save a lot of time when ironing.

We manufacture oversized bed linen from natural materials in Europe. Therefore, we guarantee you a perfect fit because we already take into account in the production that the fabric shrinks naturally after the first wash.

Which material is your favourite? Order your dream bed linen and experience how luxurious sleep can really be.

Certified bed linen without harmful substances for a healthy sleep

Whether your bed linen is standard or oversized, we make no compromises when it comes to the quality of our bed linen. Your skin is in contact with the fabric all night long, so it is all the more important to us that we avoid harmful substances in the manufacturing process and only use certified materials. You buy our Royfort luxury oversized bed linen with a certified quality, it has the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® seal of approval. This seal guarantees that we only use textiles free of harmful substances in the production process. 

In addition, Royfort bed linen has the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) seal of quality. This seal testifies that you only buy bed linen online from Royfort that is made from organically produced natural fibres. The entire manufacturing process is carried out under the strictest sustainability criteria. Our bed linen is also demonstrably suitable for allergy sufferers.

Buy luxury plus size bed linen online now

In our shop, we offer a wide range of cotton, linen or cashmere bed linen that you can buy from us in larger sizes. In addition to the common standard formats, you will also find XXL products to match your pillows and blankets. Regardless of the size, Royfort always offers high-quality bed linen, which will ensure a feel-good climate night after night. Discover our oversized bed linen sets, which are made in Portugal. We look forward to receiving your order.